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Standards Compliant


Micronet Media works to W3C guidelines and standards in producing sites that are created using W3C valid HTML and CSS code. This means that documents should look more or less the same on all browsers, as all browsers know how to deal with valid HTML - however it is impossible to test them all as there are literally hundreds to choose from, with more coming online all the time - not only on PC's but also mobile phones PDA's, Tv's, Printers, and other "smart" items.

If you use valid HTML and your page does not display correctly in a specific browser, it is a bug in the browser - if you use incorrect HTML, then it is your fault !


As well as checking the HTML (or markup) is valid, we do test our sites on a variety of popular browsers, as although your site may display correctly on your browser, it may not display correctly on your customers system.


The World Wide Web is a maturing environment, and as such it is down to Web Design and Development Companies and their clients to produce informative and reliable sites that adhere to a general set of standards - this way the information age can move forward to provide a better, more enhanced environment for its users.
This is summarised by W3c mission statement.

W3C Mission Statement states:

"To lead the World Wide Web to its full potential by developing protocols and guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web."